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Brazil carnival woman in costumes photo, Samba school Rio
brazil carnival girls hot

sexy brazilian carnival girls semi-nude at Rio Parade

Hot babes: brazilian carnival girls dancing samba at sambodromo, Rio

Samba school at carnival parade. Sambodromo, Rio de Janeiro carnaval

black brazilian carnival girls mulatto, mulatas

Chicks: Black brazilian girls dancing samba at Samba school, mulatto women

Stunning brazil carnival float in the samba school parade. Rio de Janeiro

Samdodromo stadium, Rio de Janeiro, the place where happens the carnival parade

Carnival costume in red: man called Porta-bandeira in Samba School

Brazil has different carnivals style: you can enjoy the Rio de Janeiro carnival with the famous Samba School parade at the sambodromo, the popular dances in the street , the carnival blocos de rua, bands and street groups. In Salvador de Bahia you can find the famous "Trios Eletricos", with axe music, african music with Olodum, and carnival parades with people dancing in the special carnival circuits like Ondina and Osmar. In Recife, you will discover the carnival group "Galo da Madrugada" with more than 1 million of carnival revelers and followers. In Natal, Fortaleza and Olinda you have the same carnaval festivities like Salvador. In Sao Paolo and Florianopolis, you can find a similar samba school parade like Rio. Of course, in every brazilian city you  have carnival celebrations which includes carnival popular balls in the streets, bandstand competitions, blocos de embalo, and different mardi gras parades. 
The most beautiful sexy carnival women are the drums queen and the princess in the carnival float.
The brazilian is legitimate heir of the happiness and of the rhythm. She dances, first because she knows, and later to show to the other people. The African drums that give the tone in blocks afro are the same ones that resound at the Carnival parade ground and in the more than 80 yards of carnival of the city.
If you are interested in marching with a samba school, some services sells exclusive costumes for the Samba Schools parades of Rio Carnival. Thanks to its partnership with several Schools, they are already available: just click on the links.
As you select the costume of your preference, please take note of the parading time and date of your host School, that is, the School which manufactured your costume.

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